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Our thanks to
Dwayne and Julie Allan of Harvest City Church, Canada for 6 months of volunteer teaching, building and farming at Ebenezer

Dwayne and Julie Allan and their four children have recently returned to their home in Saskatchewan, Canada after spending six months volunteering at Ebenezer.

Dwayne worked tirelessly on the Ebenezer farm as the interim manager, and Julie assisted in the children’s home and the Livingstone community to demonstrate new childcare practices. Their four children developed deep and loving bonds with our Ebenezer orphans and school children. In addition,The Allans renovated the children’s playground to make it bright and colorful, as well as safe for the children.

The Allans write: “Probably the most important and impacting part of our stay was the opportunity to be a part of the children’s daily lives. Understanding that each one of the children will grow and one day have their own families, we feel that having Owen and Rebecca’s family (our new Executive Director and Matron) and our own, is critical in helping the children see and experience what their own families can be one day.”

We also send our sincere thanks to the parishioners of Harvest City Church, who funded not only the new playground, but also purchased a new mattress for every bed at the children’s home. We are blessed to witness the faithful support and love of these generous donors.


The Ebenezer Foundation provides sustained financial support to enable the Ebenezer Child Care Trust to continue the important work of saving, raising and educating orphaned and impoverished children in Livingstone, Zambia. We aspire to provide the resources needed to give every child in their care the opportunity to live a better life.

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