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The Lisulos

Owen Lisulo – Executive Director, Ebenezer Child Care Trust
Rebecca Lisulo – Matron of Children, Ebenezer Child Care Trust

The Lisulos, natives of Livingstone, have extensive experience managing orphan care. As Executive Director, Owen is responsible for the Ebenezer children's home, school, and farm. He has done an admirable job of managing after the sudden death of Mrs. Ranji Chara and we are grateful to him for his devotion to the children. Rebecca is Owen's wife and mother to their two children. Together with the dedicated house mothers, Rebecca is responsible for the daily care and nurturing of the 55 orphans in our children's home. She works well with the staff and provides a loving, stable environment for our little ones to grow. In addition, the Lisulo family live on campus of the children's home and provide a daily example of a loving and happy family for the Ebenezer children.

Swagota Baroi

Headmistress of Ebenezer School.

“Please reach out a hand and show these children they are loved and wanted.”
Swagota is a tireless worker for the school children of Ebenezer. The primary school is filled to capacity with 437 of the poorest, most vulnerable children in Livingstone. Her devotion to the children is remarkable. Her goal is to provide a quality education to the young children, and see that all graduating 8th graders can attend and graduate high school.


Alexandra Chistolini

Los Angeles, California
Founder: Ebenezer Foundation, Law Student.

“There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in Zambia, many of them living on the streets. The abuse stories of some of the orphans are heart-wrenching. I hope you will find it in your heart to help the children of Zambia.”

The Botsfords

McKinney, Texas
Erin—CEO Botsford Financial Group. Ebenezer Foundation board member.

“I fell in love with Ebenezer in 2009 while visiting Livingstone. Initially, spending time in the baby house and on the floor playing with the toddlers is what captured my heart. In the words of my four-year-old grandson: 'These are little boys and little girls who have no mommy and no daddy.' While I can’t take all of them home with me, I can do my best to help provide financial resources so they can grow up in safety and lead productive lives despite the losses that most of us could never comprehend. That’s why I give.”
Bob—Airline pilot. Ebenezer Foundation board member.
“The kids at Ebenezer bring a smile to my face, even though they face extreme circumstances. At Ebenezer, these kids have a safe place to call home. It's a place where they are nurtured, loved and provided a good education to help them succeed in life. As a donor, I hope to help them become leaders in their town of Livingstone, their country of Zambia and possibly the continent."

Marilyn Gardner

Boston, Massachusetts
Educator and Attorney, United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA),
Ebenezer Foundation board member and treasurer

“I am thrilled to be an Ebenezer volunteer. In America, we are extremely blessed to have so much. It breaks my heart that the children we support have so little.”

The McClains

Oak Hill, Virginia
Felicia–Registered Nurse, retired. Ebenezer Foundation Board President.

“I work for these kids because they are beautiful and deserving, and because I have been abundantly blessed in my life.”
Dan–Vice President, aerospace company. Ebenezer Foundation board member.
“Our financial support enables Ebenezer to save the lives of the poorest children. What more significant investment could we make?”

The Winters

Thousand Oaks, California
Jane Lee—President, Town & Country Travel.

“Introducing my safari clients to Ebenezer over the years has helped give all of us more meaning and purpose to the travel experience.”
Larry—Wealth Advisor for Thrivent Financial. Ebenezer Foundation board member.
"Jane Lee and I have been traveling to Southern Africa since 1993. When we met the leadership and kids of Ebenezer, we knew it was a special place and we wanted to make a difference. "

Mike Johnsen

Vienna, Virginia
Ebenezer Foundation videographer/photographer.
Mike has volunteered his time and talent to our foundation to produce the beautiful and compelling photos and videos you see here on our website. His eye for the truth is what makes him so special. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mike for his work. Mike’s photography assistants, Royd Habeenzu and David Kee, are both great examples of the amazing kids at Ebenezer.  


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